Proposed Slate of Officers for 2020-22

Thank you to the PTSA Nominating Committee, led by Simone Seymore-Jackson, for putting together the proposed slate of officers to lead the Roosevelt PTSA from 2020-2022.

The proposed slate of officers are:

for President: Rena Mitchel

for Vice President-Executive: Tanya Poyser

for Vice President – Membership: Faiza Myricks

for Vice President – Programs: Tamara Dawson

for Secretary: Mariana Pineda

for Treasurer: Marissa Cooper

The election meeting will take place on July 15 at 7:00 PM.  Additional nominations may be taken from the floor. (see note below)

Note: Additional nominations may be made during the virtual meeting, provided that you give written notice of your intent to run from the floor with the position you desire to run for to the chair of the nominating committee at least two business days prior to the election meetingIf you are interested in nominating yourself from the floor, please email the Nominating Committee Chairperson Simone Seymore-Jackson at by 8:00 pm.  If no other nominations are received, the membership will vote to approve the proposed slate of officers as listed.

As per our bylaws, only PTSA members are allowed to vote.